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Rare football shirts

Did you like that shirt Ethiopia brought out for the Africa Cup? The bottom of the German league doesn't play at all but has a beautiful shirt? Maybe you can find them here...

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Stock Renewal

We update our Catalogue on a daily basis. Don't think about it too much because you might miss out on that rare shirt you've been looking for.

football shirt shop

100% Original

We only sell official football shirts, no cheap copies or training wear. And they are 100% original. We work directly with the manufacturers. No fakes.

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Already sold

You can get an idea of the football shirts we have sold in the Latest sent section. If there is one of them that you liked and it is not in stock you can Contact us.

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Mystery Boxes

Do you dare to live the experience of buying a mystery box without knowing the shirt inside? Discover the phenomenon of surprise boxes with football shirts by buying one of our boxes. If you are not sure about the philosophy of the boxes you can click on the ‘How it works’ button.



One of the football shirts from our Catalogue is waiting for you inside the mystery box. You will always receive a shirt in the size you have specified and which is in stock. Remember that you can also tell us which shirts you do not want to receive.

Andorra Third 2020/2021


We update our Catalogue daily. Don't think about it too much because you may run out of your shirt.

cajas sorpresa aleatorias


You can receive football shirts from any team, from any country, from any season, although we try to send you jerseys from countries other than your own. You can have a look at Last sent.

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Official shirts

Our mystery boxes only contain official football shirts, they are not fake shirts or training wear.

Kit-Surprise is more than just a football shirt shop. We like to collect jerseys, all kinds of football kits, strong teams, weak teams, from the world champions to the worst team in FIFA. All shirts have a place in our shop and in our collections.

We are also infected by a kind of virus that forces us to buy compulsively. Each shirt has its own story, its own sentimental value, its own effort, its own search, and that’s why we try to get to know our customers so we can give them what they want.

We have created this shop to help to get copies that are not easy to obtain, although there is also room for jerseys of very top teams. We want to grow little by little, broaden our horizons, discover new brands, new teams from the other side of the planet. All of this so that you can expand your collections.

We learn from everything and that’s why we would like you to follow us on our social networks and to let us know any suggestions you may have in our Contact section.

Thank you for your time.