HUMMEL Football Shirts

camisetas hummel

Hummel is a sports brand with a rich history and a strong connection to football. Founded in 1923 in Hamburg, Germany, by the Messmer brothers, Hummel started as a footwear company specializing in the production of sports sneakers. Over the years, the brand expanded and diversified its offerings, becoming a prominent player in the sports industry.

In the 1970s, Hummel forged a lasting partnership with football. The brand began supplying football kits to professional teams and quickly gained recognition for its bold and colorful designs. Hummel’s sponsorship of national teams and clubs, such as the Danish national football team, helped solidify its reputation as a leading brand in the world of football.

Throughout the years, Hummel has remained committed to football and continued to collaborate with renowned teams and players. Moreover, the brand has supported grassroots and community football by supplying equipment to local clubs and promoting sports initiatives. Hummel has become a popular choice among both professional players and fans, thanks to its combination of quality, style, and the passion for the game that its products embody. The history of Hummel in football showcases its enduring dedication to the sport and its influence on global football culture.

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