ENGLISH Team Football Shirts

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Football is the beautiful game in England, being considered the birthplace of the beautiful game. English teams are governed by the English Football Association (FA), which controls all aspects of the competition and English teams from the top Premier League to the non-professional divisions.

English football enjoys a huge following around the world, being the most followed sporting competition in the world next to NBA basketball. The shirts of English teams, especially those of the Premier League, are very popular all over the world, highlighting those of the big teams such as Liverpool, Chelsea, Aston Villa, Manchester City, Manchester United, …

Some English clubs, even in the lower categories, have been able to see the business of selling shirts and have created authentic collector’s items, which may not be well known by the general public but are well known in the world of football shirt collecting.

The English teams are dressed by the main brands in the market, with a wide variety of brands dressing the clubs. Several English teams have won the European Cup, Liverpool (6), Manchester United (3), Chelsea FC (2), Nottingham Forest (2) and Aston Villa (1).

England’s national team won the World Cup as hosts in 1966. In addition, they have also been semi-finalists on 3 other occasions. They have never won the European Nations Cup.