FRENCH teams football shirts

  • FC Lorient Away 2021/2022

    FC Lorient Away 2021/2022

    49,90 TAX included
  • AS Monaco Home 2021/2022

    AS Monaco Home 2021/2022

    49,90 TAX included
  • FC Lorient Home 2021/2022

    FC Lorient Home 2021/2022

    49,90 TAX included
  • FC Nantes Home 2020/2021

    FC Nantes Home 2020/2021

    39,90 TAX included
french teams

Football is one of the most popular sports in France. The French Football Federation (FFF) is responsible for controlling all aspects of the competition and French teams from the top division, called Ligue 1, down to the non-professional divisions.

French football enjoys a huge following with millions of fans of French league teams. The jerseys of French teams are very popular all over the world, especially those of the big teams such as PSG, Olympique de Marseille, Lyon, Nantes, Lille, …

Some French clubs, even in the lower categories, have been able to see the business of selling shirts and have even created authentic collector’s items, as in the case of Red Star Paris, Le Havre, and other clubs that may not be well known by the general public but are well known in the world of football shirt collecting.

The French teams are dressed by the main brands on the market. Olympique de Marseille is the only French team that has been able to win the European Cup.

Currently, the French national team is the current runner-up in the World Cup, having won the tournament twice (1998 and 2018). In addition, they have also won the European Nations Cup in 1984 and 2000.