How do the Kit-Surprise mystery boxes work?


Don't like the risk?

If you don't dare to buy a mistery box and live the excitement of what will be your shirt, you can buy one of our shirts from the Catalogue section.

mystery boxes

1º Our mystery boxes

Our mystery boxes contain original football shirts. If you want to give a surprise gift, if you collect football shirts, or if you like the pleasure of collecting shirts as if they were stickers, buy one of them.

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2º Totally random

Each box contains one or more official playing football shirts from any club or national team, from any season, from any country. You will not receive training shirts, or fake low quality shirts. We only work with official material from the clubs. Moreover, you will not receive jerseys from teams in your own country. You can see the latest shirts we have sent in 'Last sent' to understand how it works. In addition, the shirt you will receive will always be available in our 'Catalogue'.

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3º Enter the shop

From the top menu you can access the 'Mystery boxes' section to buy one of the boxes.


4º Give us your size

At Kit-surprise we work with different brands of football shirts and each of them has its own sizing guide. For example, the sizes of the Italian brands are smaller than the rest, so we don't ask for a specific size (M,L,XL,...) but we calculate it from your body measurements. In addition, in each country the sizes are variable, as you know, an English size is not the same as a size in the rest of Europe.

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5º Banned shirts

This is perhaps the most important section of all. Tell us which teams' jerseys you do NOT want to receive under any circumstances, because we don't want to send you jerseys of your rivals ... (If you prefer, you can attach an Excel or Word file with the shirts of your collection to indicating your order number). We will also try to ensure that you do not receive shirts from teams from your own country.

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6º Fill in your data

Please fill in your personal details and pay attention to the delivery address. The shipping costs are calculated at the end of the process.

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7º We make your box

The most important part for us is to fill your box according to your wishes. Some of our boxes contain more than one shirt. And others contain special shirts or limited series that are released by the clubs and whose price in shop is much higher than the cost of the box.

envio kit-surprise

8º Wait for your delivery

Now you just have to wait patiently for your order. It takes approximately 3-4 days for deliveries to Spain and 10-12 days for deliveries to the rest of Europe.


9º Share your experience

If your experience has been positive, we would like you to share it on our social networks so that we can continue to grow.