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Football is still the number one sport in Denmark. Danish teams are governed by the DBU or Danish Football Union, which is the body in charge of managing the different divisions of Danish football. It is one of the oldest sports associations on the European continent and was also one of the founding members of FIFA (1904).

The Danish Superliga (in Danish, Superligaen), known as 3F Superliga for sponsorship reasons, is the top tier of professional football in Denmark. In recent years, the Danish league has experienced tremendous growth, with new stadiums and more fans, which has elevated it to 14th position in UEFA’s ranking of the best leagues.2 The season runs from July to May, with teams playing 33 matches each for a total of 198 matches in the season. The team with the most league championships is FC Copenhagen with thirteen titles.

The Danish national team was one of the first European teams to appear in international football competitions, winning several gold medals at the Olympic Games. Denmark has participated in 6 World Cups, their best result being the quarter-finals in 1998. They have participated 8 times in European Championships, winning the 1992 European Championship in Sweden.

You can visit the Danish Football Association website at this link.